​ I grew up on a working farm, which gave me an insight into hard work, protecting and using our environment responsibly, and most of all, how to cope with the unexpected.  I enlisted in the military, finished college, and then joined the Navy as an officer.  These life experiences truly taught me teamwork, which I use in almost every endeavor in my life.  The past ten years I have worked for a major corporation, while also managing my own small business.  Over the last few years I have developed a devoted interest in politics, especially on the local scale because what our local officials do, directly impacts our town, our families, our neighbors, and our friends.  I am running for Commissioner, so that I can make a positive difference in my community; my diverse background paired with my passion for politics has taught me how to work with all people to reach a common goal, which I want to bring to the Huntersville Town Board.

I served my country, now I want to serve you!



Elect Mark Gibbons

For Huntersville

Town Commissioner